The songs you prayerfully choose for Sunday morning worship are dependent upon many factors.

To begin with you should work on creating to forms to help you put together Sunday morning worship.

A worship planning sheet. This sheet or form should be a layout of your worship service with slots for you to plug in your selections. If you play for other services, such as Wednesday group etc. make a separate for each type of service.
A list of musical selections from which to choose your musical selection. There is so much worship music available these days that any one compilation of music can limit you severely. Many church services have a blended type service and play both old hymns, and contemporary worship music.

Once you have created your list and form it’s time to start working on selection.
First and foremost pray. God doesn’t make mistakes. Maybe this Sunday He will lead you to play a piece that will speak to someone particularly needing encouragement.

Next What type of service is this? Are you choosing songs for Mother’s Day service? You may a list of songs already for Mother’s Day and it is a matter for picking from that list.

Then what Sunday morning’s sermon theme? The pastor should have shared this with you. This is a good time to have a song concordance. I use this one which is a companion to Sing to the Lord Hymnal. The song titles are indexed by theme and scripture. While I play songs that are not listed in this resource it still helps because the vast amount of song titles it does have.

Now you need to look at the area of the service in which you are choosing songs for. Such as prelude, offertory, the actual worship portion, call to prayer etc. Here you will may have a set of songs you always use for such times as offertory and call tow worship. Be sure to pick appropriate tempo’s.

Finally, and I think this is important for a solo musician whether a small or large church. Can you play the song? Maybe the song seems perfect but if you haven’t perfected your playing of it mark it as one to learn and move on to one where you will not struggle so much with the technicalities you miss out on the worship.

God lead you and guide you on your worship planning.