How to play gospel piano by ear
If you’re looking for an outstanding resource to teach you how to play piano by ear look no further. Get your copy of Hear and Play’s The Secrets’ to Playing Piano by Ear! Just to let you know this is a picture of my copy.

I hemmed and hawwed alongtime before investing in this and I could have saved myself quite a bit of headache had I just purchased it when I first saw it several years ago.

Back then I then thought this course was too good to be true. I didn’t care about the free software it came with because I like to learn by reading. I just wanted to know more about chords, especially gospel chords and how to form gospel sounding progressions such as those I heard in my youth.

I even invested in the video Gospel Keys 101 course. A beginning video on how to play piano by ear

It’s packed with music chord theory but in a way that you understand or “get it”. I feel adults like to know the “why’ of things. Such as how chords are related to each other not just play these keys and you have a minor chord.

This book is packed with information. If you’re new to playing the piano there’s a quick primer on sight reading then you go right into

  • Major Scales and Chords
  • Their intervals and progressions
  • Minor Scales and chords
  • Their intervals and progressions
  • Diminished chords
  • Seventh chords
  • Extended chords
  • There’s a whole bunch of chord progressions stuff going on while you’re learning all these different chords
  • You’ll get the basics on harmony and improvising

There is a more to the book because of course it’s 300 pages and you get a CD with software on it. The most helpful is the interactive one with quizzes Piano Player Plus but there is a sound library too and bonus chapters on playing by ear.

If you already play the piano,but know nothing about chording and improvising then this is for you.

So if you’re interested get a copy today

p.s.- there are several resources put out by Hear and Play and more to come I understand.