Welcome to the Struggling Church Musician. A site I started several years ago to help others who were struggling like me to find good resources to help you accompany your church congregation while not having a bit of a melt down because face it you are human and it’s a bit nerve wracking to play and to play well in front of people.

Most of these resources I own or have used (or want to use). Some are free some are not. Not all methods are for all people. I find as an adult that while I like DVDs I do also need a print version to follow along as I attend to drag stuff with me as I tend to the cares of life and home with my family.

So God bless you as you play for Him.

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Greg Howlett has a new series of  Instructional DVDs just for the struggling church pianist. The topics you need to address when accompanying the church’s song.

Your Role as a Church Musician: You as a church musician.

Tips to Help the Church Pianist Play Skillfully on Sunday Morning: A list of some pre-playing items to take care of. From practicing during the week to right before service starts.

Hymns for Different Occasions: A simple list of some hymns and worship songs for different types of services.

An Introduction – Getting a Handle to Starting Off Your Music: I found the introduction to be one of the most important issues when beginning a piece during service. These are some of the tips I use for getting it right the first time.

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  • Christian Songbooks – Here you will find songbooks in my own personal library and ones I think might be of interest to a church musician.
  • Church Music Printables – PDFs I made eons ago that still might be useful today. I do need to update them but maybe in the meantime you will find something useful.
  • Worship Articles – When you click on this link you will see a drop menu on the left showing the different departments available. Here you will find articles on piano methods, learning tools, and tips for playing for the church setting.

God Bless you as you work on making a Joyful Noise!

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